Personalising Your Online Birthday Present with Messages

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March 4, 2017
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Personalising Your Online Birthday Present with Messages

Birthdays are special occasions. They are meant to celebrate the day one was born, to remind the birthday person how special his / her existence is to loved ones, and to remind loved ones that they have a special person in their lives to cherish and to love.

Everyone strives to make the birthday of their loved ones – friends, family, better halves, significant others – special! Therefore, sending across the perfect birthday gift becomes their top-most priority. While there are many who like to hop from shop-to-shop in search of a present, there are many who prefer to take the more convenient, hassle-free route of send a birthday present online. Moreover, there are those who like to use the facility of online gifting to surprise their loved ones. Furthermore, there are those who spend their loved ones’ birthday away from them, in another city or country, and online gifting is the best option they have to make their loved ones’ day special.

However, most of those who shop for birthday gifts online, forget to personalize their gifts. Sending across a gift is good, but adding a special note, a personalized poem, a love message, a beautiful, heart touching write-up, can take their gift to another level altogether.

There is no dearth of creativity in the young and vibrant city of Bangalore. Moreover, a large section of the crowd – young and old –opt for online gifting to send birthday gifts to Bangalore, rather than bracing the choc-o-block traffic filled streets to deliver the gift.Here are five great ideas to personalize the top online gifts with messages.

  1. Choosing flowers? Accompany your bouquet, vase, basket by adding a note that describes what the flowers mean or stand for and why they were chosen for that person.

Example: Dear Daughter, You bring sunlight into our world. Shine bright like these sunflowers.

  1. Gifting cakes and chocolates to a friend with a sweet tooth? Try a cute poem that will surely make their day.

Example: I’m a chocolate cake, yummy and sweet to taste, if you really want to eat me, feel free to make a date!

  1. Planning to get up, close and personal? For your sweetheart’s birthday, plan an array of personalized gifts. Choose a few memorable photographs and get them printed on mugs, t-shirts, calendars, mobile cover and more. Add in a personal message that keeps the memories of love fresh.

Example: (from a romantic picture) ‘You had me at hello!’ or ‘My heart lightens up every time I see you.’

  1. Sending a utility gift? If you are sending a utility gift as a birthday present a one-liner will keep it sweet and simple.

Example: While gifting mom with a smart casserole, one can add, ‘Dear mom, your hands can bake magic!’

  1. Fashionwear and accessories make great gifts for dads, don’t they? If the gifting includes anything from this section, try a few original lines about why that piece of garment / accessory was chosen for the recipient

Example: Dear Dad, you taught me to always look my best; to find my own style and stand out from the rest. You made sure that I looked as smart as you do. I hope my choice pleases you!

Loved ones always love personal messages. Get creative. Get personal!

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